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Spiritual Womb Healing services and Reiki Classes in the Los Angeles area.

Learn self-massage with your Initial Abdominal Therapy Session.

Shamanic Yoni Steam Healing Journey

Our signature service offered at Women’s True Healing in Redondo Beach, CA.

Signature Treatment: Shamanic Yoni Steam Healing Journey

Reiki Classes

The current Womb Reiki I and II courses were designed to center Black and POC
for those who want to reconnect and heal their relationship with the womb for their personal and professional lives. The African philosophy of Ubuntu “I am a person through other people,” grounds this work in community that my wellness comes through mutual caring.

The Womb Conjure Lowdown

Sign up to the quarterly lifestyle periodical and keep informed on the latest updates, and specials that will only be available to subscribers. Here, we offer not only updates on the services, Reiki classes, and products, but also guides and anecdotal perspectives to explore how partnership with nature, objects, oils, candles, and your ancestors can help organize and harness energy for womb healing.

Cindy Bonaparte

The Womb Doula Social Healing Justice from our Creative Center

Cindy enjoys the process of reclaiming of ancestral practices and perspectives, through teaching, learning, and creative expression for the purpose of healing our communities. It is humbling and empowering to be in a position to share reclaimed wisdom with those ready to receive nurturing natural healing medicine.

Learn More About

Initial Reiki Session


90 minute Initial Reiki session with intake. One 60min follow up Reiki session. Includes an herbal preparation and instructions.

Initial Abdominal Therapy


90 min. session includes intake, abdominal womb massage, & learn a simple yet effective self-massage routine.

Shamanic Yoni Steam


90 min. Guided shamanic journey during a relaxing yoni steam to gain insight from your womb.

The Womb Doula

Traditional healing practices and Natural Energy Medicine for Womb Healing. Reiki Classes focused on Womb healing and centering the needs of Black Women and Women of Color.

Do you want to speak with me personally? Do you have questions about the services, classes, or would you like a free consultation?

Sessions by Appointment

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
9:00 am – 3:00 pm